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Hagerty’s Statement On Opposing Biden’s SCOTUS Reform Commission

Apr 09 2021

Nashville, TN – Bill Hagerty, United States Senator from Tennessee, released the following statement today, opposing the formation of the judicial commission to study reform under the Biden Administration: “On the campaign trail, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris dodged questions that would reveal their intentions to pack the court, but now the truth is clear,” said Senator Bill […]

Hagerty, Blackburn To Oppose Tainted Electoral Results

Jan 02 2021

Nashville, TN – Senator-elect Bill Hagerty and Senator Marsha Blackburn today announced they will oppose the certification of Electoral College results this week in the United States Senate. “Tennesseans elected us as their United States Senators to represent their views and values in Washington and to always fight for them, which is why we have concluded […]

Bill Hagerty Supports Ronna McDaniel To Continue To Lead The RNC

Nov 18 2020

Nashville, TN — Senator-elect Bill Hagerty today released the following statement in support of Ronna McDaniel to continue to serve as the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC): “As Chairwoman of the RNC, Ronna has worked to strengthen our Republican foothold in federal, state and local offices across the country along with protecting our conservative […]

Bill Hagerty’s Statement On The Presidential Election Results

Nov 06 2020

Nashville, TN – As the Trump campaign continues to fight for a fair and transparent election process, Bill Hagerty, the Senator-elect from Tennessee, released the following statement regarding the 2020 Presidential Election: “I agree with President Trump, we must protect the sanctity of the ballot box,” said Senator-elect Hagerty. “That means every vote legally cast must be counted. […]

Bill Hagerty’s Statement On Tonight’s Victory In Tennessee

Nov 03 2020

Following his resounding victory tonight in Tennessee’s United States Senate race, Bill Hagerty released the following statement: “Thank you to the voters of Tennessee for your trust and confidence in me. It’s a true honor to serve this state we call home,” said Bill Hagerty. “Tonight, the people of Tennessee chose Tennessee values, conservative values, […]

Hagerty Congratulates Judge Amy Coney Barrett On SCOTUS Confirmation

Oct 26 2020

Nashville, TN — On the heels of the United States Senate’s vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Bill Hagerty, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, released the following statement: “Congratulations to Judge Amy Coney Barrett – our next associate justice of the Supreme Court,” said Bill Hagerty. “Judge Barrett proved herself highly qualified to […]

Bill Hagerty Announces Coalition Of Over 250 Tennessee Business Leaders

Oct 23 2020

Nashville, TN — On the heels of receiving an endorsement from the National Federation of Independent Businesses, Bill Hagerty, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate and former Commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development in Tennessee, announced the support of over 250 business leaders across the state. “I’m proud and honored to have the support of […]

Hagerty’s Statement On President Trump’s Victory In Final Presidential Debate

Oct 22 2020

Nashville, TN — Tonight, following President Trump’s significant victory over Joe Biden at the final presidential debate in Tennessee, Bill Hagerty, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, released the following statement: “With just 12 days until the election, the contrast could not be more apparent,” said Bill Hagerty. “We have a choice between our American way of life or […]

Hagerty’s Statement On Senate Judiciary Advancing Judge Barrett’s Nomination

Oct 22 2020

Nashville, TN — Following the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote today recommending Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the full Senate, Bill Hagerty, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, released the following statement: “Senate Republicans, like Tennessee’s own Judiciary Committee member, Senator Marsha Blackburn, are continuing to stand for the balance of powers in our Constitution as they […]