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President Donald Trump is nominating constitutionalist judges to the federal bench and Supreme Court, and the Republican Senate majority is confirming those judicial nominees who will not legislate from the bench. But extreme Democrats are now talking about packing the court. That’s not what the Founders intended. In the Senate, Bill will support President Trump’s judicial nominees who respect the Constitution and the rule of law.

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Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every single day to keep our communities safe. They are the only thing standing between anarchy and your family’s safety. We have seen criminals and ANTIFA anarchists hijack First Amendment protests with a campaign for violence and crime. Dismantling and defunding our police departments will throw our country into chaos. Who will answer the call when your family needs help? The dismantling and defunding of law enforcement in America is not the solution. As your next Senator, Bill will work to uphold the rule of law, stop ANTIFA, and fight to secure appropriate funding and support for our law enforcement officers.

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The Trump Administration is doing a great job preparing for the worst, to make sure the worst does not happen. Bill has worked with President Trump to push back against China as his Ambassador to Japan. In the Senate, Bill will work to keep Americans safe and that includes the threat of outbreaks, like the coronavirus.

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Supports Death Penalty For Human Traffickers

Human trafficking affects every county in Tennessee. While Tennessee has been a leader in the fight to end this modern-day slavery, more must be done. Bill will stand with Senator Marsha Blackburn to fight back against websites that promote human trafficking. Bill will work with President Trump to ensure our local government has the resources they need to educate our communities on this growing epidemic. He believes providing support for the survivors of human trafficking must be a top priority and that includes ensuring they have access to justice. Human traffickers – those who knowingly, intentionally exploit others and force them into modern-day slavery – should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that includes the death penalty. Human trafficking is one of the most atrocious crimes, and he fully supports the death penalty for these criminals. In the Senate, Bill will continue the fight to stop human trafficking.

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Putting an end to illegal immigration begins with securing our southern border. Bill will work with President Trump to build the wall and ensure that existing immigration laws are fully enforced. He opposes amnesty and DACA, believes illegal aliens who commit crimes must be deported, and will work to stop sanctuary cities in Tennessee and across the country. Bill supports moving towards a merit based immigration system and common sense solutions like requiring illegal aliens traveling with children to take a DNA test to prove their familial relationship. He will always stand up for the rule of law and support our border patrol agents.

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Our most important national security asset isn’t the technology nor infrastructure, it’s the men and women of our Armed Forces. While we can never fully repay the debt of service, Bill knows we must do everything we can to serve those who have sacrificed so much, and he will protect Fort Campbell, Arnold Air Force Base, and Millington Naval Base. His father served in the Coast Guard, and he will always fight to make sure our active duty servicemen – and their families – have the tools they need to complete their missions, and he will work to repair a broken VA system that too often fails our veterans.

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Bill knows what it takes to grow Tennessee’s bustling economy, because he’s done it. He knows the federal government should never punish success, nor failure in the free market. He’ll work to get government out of the way, cut unnecessary bureaucratic regulation, continue President Trump’s winning streak on taxes, promote free trade, remove barriers to trade, strengthen the regulatory review process, and encourage companies to do business in Tennessee. We’re well positioned to lead the country in economic growth, and Bill will make sure Tennessee’s economy continues to thrive.

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One of the best ways to drain the swamp is by enacting term limits. That’s why Bill proudly signed the U.S. Term Limits Amendment Pledge. If Tennesseans send me to the Senate, I will only serve two terms as their United States Senator. We need to ensure Congress is serving our citizens, not themselves and Washington bureaucrats.

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Bill served as the United States Ambassador to Japan in President Donald Trump’s administration, where he saw firsthand how President Trump is re-establishing America’s role in the world as a leader. America is no longer “leading from behind” nor deploying “strategic patience.” He has worked with President Trump to deal with the immediate threats of North Korea and the longer range issues that have built up with China and Russia. He stands with Israel, and he will never stop fighting to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. Bill believes we must stand firm against Sharia Law in our country and across the globe because it can be the foundation for radical Islam and terrorism. He is committed to working with President Trump to ensure that our allies support us and our enemies fear us.

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The United States has a moral obligation to protect Israel – our strongest ally in the Middle East. He fully supported President Trump keeping America’s promise to move our embassy to Jerusalem, and as your Senator, Bill will stand with President Trump in reaffirming our historic commitment to Israel. He believes we must align ourselves against Israel’s enemies and show Tehran the United States does not tolerate their attempts to bully our allies. Bill will push for a permanent nuclear deal that ensures Iran never has a nuclear weapon, and he will support continued foreign assistance to Israel.

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As the U.S. Ambassador to Japan, Bill knows how dangerous China can be – the Communist Chinese regime will compromise our security every chance they get. President Trump is committed to getting the Chinese to play by the rules and implementing better trade deals for American workers, and Bill will continue to support the President in standing up to China and its threats. Bill stands with the people of Hong Kong, and he will continue in speaking out on behalf of the oppressed people in China who have their religious freedom, their freedom of expression and their rights trampled by a Marxist regime. As Tennessee’s next Senator, he will continue to stand up to China to protect markets and democracy.

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Bill believes that the Second Amendment is one of our most important freedoms, and he will always protect our constitutional rights, including our right to bear arms and protect ourselves. The threat to our gun rights is real. That’s why we need strong leadership in the United States Senate that won’t buckle to liberal pressure. Bill opposes a national gun registry, red flag laws and universal background checks. He’ll vote with President Trump to confirm constitutionalist judges who respect our rights to self-defense.

As a father of four, Bill fully appreciates the precious right to life. He’ll always stand up for the most vulnerable among us, and he will protect the rights of the unborn. Bill vehemently opposes taxpayer funds for abortion and abortion providers; he will fight to defund Planned Parenthood. He’s 100 percent pro life. He will work to pass Pain Capable Legislation and a bill that requires medical care for babies born alive as the result of a botched abortion. He will support constitutionalist judges who support the right to life. Bill will work across all levels of government to improve our foster care and adoption programs, so that all children have the loving family they deserve.

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Tennesseans know firsthand the value of low taxes and small government, and Washington, D.C. could learn a lot from our example. President Trump’s tax cuts are working. Bill believes we need to continue to make the tax code simple, fair, low, and permanent, and he’ll fight to make sure our tax policy encourages job creation and makes our economy globally competitive. He supports a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

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Bill will work to protect our founders’ vision for our country. He will vote to confirm President Trump’s judicial nominees who will respect the Constitution and the rule of law. He will protect religious freedom. He will stand up to Washington liberals’ attacks on our Constitution, our freedoms and their never-ending attempts to impeach President Trump. He supports term limits to help hold Congress accountable.

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Bill knows Obamacare reduced patient choice and made health care too expensive to afford. Democrats think that Obamacare did not go far enough and now, they are pushing for socialized medicine that would eliminate our private insurance and lead to rationed care and astronomical costs. He believes the best fix would be to reduce the federal government’s power to make health care decisions for you and to return that power to the patients and the free market. Bill will fight to make health care affordable and give you – the patient – the freedom to make your health care decisions. He will work to end surprise billing and reduce the costs of prescription drugs, especially for our seniors.

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A staggering three Tennesseans lose their lives each day because of the opioid epidemic, and as a father, Bill’s heart breaks for families suffering such a grave loss. He believes that all levels of government must work hand in hand to implement prevention, enforcement, treatment, and recovery programs. Together with community partners, we can put an end to this public health crisis.

The Washington establishment continues to spend our money recklessly. Look no further than the extreme liberals who want to implement a government-run health care plan that will cost an estimated $52 trillion and the Green New Deal, which would cost a whopping $93 trillion. Bill knows we need true fiscal conservative leadership to stop the socialist agenda and help President Trump drain the swamp. He will work closely with the President to cut frivolous spending, cut the corporate tax rate to encourage job growth, and make tax cuts permanent. Bill will fight to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, and he will support no budget, no pay legislation.

Your family balances its budget every month, and Bill believes the federal government should too. Bill won’t raise taxes. He will fight for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. He’ll work to streamline an out of control federal government that spends too much of our money and cut down on waste, fraud, and abuse. He’s committed to cutting spending. He will stand strong against the liberal Democrats in the House who want to spend your hard-earned money recklessly.

A father of four, Bill knows the best thing we can do for our children is give them a high quality education. Every student in Tennessee, regardless of their zip code, should be prepared with skills for whatever path they choose after graduation. He will work to increase funding for charter schools and protect religious and parochial schools from government inference.

Families should have the opportunity and freedom to pursue the education option that best suits their child’s learning style, including a strong vocational education system. Bill’s mom Ruth was a well-respected educator in Tennessee, and he knows how hard our teachers work, that’s why he’s committed to getting Washington bureaucrats out of the classroom, so our teachers can do what they do best: teach. He strongly opposes “Common Core” and “No Child Left Behind” and supports significantly decreasing funding for the Department Of Education and shifting that money to the states via block grants. He’ll fight to empower parents, teachers, and local communities and make sure every child has the tools they need to be successful.

Agriculture is vital to Tennessee’s economy. Bill will work to eliminate senseless EPA interference and fight to cut unnecessary regulations. He will pass a Farm Bill for farmers and support President Trump’s efforts to get fair access to global markets.

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Bill will do everything in his power to stop the Green New Deal and fight socialist attempts to ban fracking. He will support the exploration and development of fossil fuels. Bill will work to repeal renewable fuels standards and scale back excessive environmental regulations on the development of new resources.

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With more and more Americans choosing to make Tennessee their home, we must ensure our infrastructure system keeps up. Bill will fight to ensure Washington is more careful with how it spends your federal tax dollars, encourage public-private partnerships, and work closely with President Trump to advocate for Tennessee’s highways and waterways.

But 21st Century infrastructure isn’t limited to our roadways, it also includes reliable internet access. Bill will work with members of both parties to close the digital divide and ensure that all Tennesseans have access to reliable internet.

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