Following his resounding victory tonight in Tennessee’s United States Senate race, Bill Hagerty released the following statement:

“Thank you to the voters of Tennessee for your trust and confidence in me. It’s a true honor to serve this state we call home,” said Bill Hagerty. “Tonight, the people of Tennessee chose Tennessee values, conservative values, over socialism. America is the most exceptional nation in the world – a nation that rewards hard work and ingenuity – and Tennessee is its most exceptional state. I will work alongside Senator Blackburn to make sure every Tennessean has the same opportunity to live out the American dream. I will stand up for our freedoms; freedom of religion, of speech, our second amendment rights and most importantly, the right to life. I will fight for a prosperous America for everyone, and I’ll fight to keep every Tennessean — and every American — safe and secure.”

You can watch Hagerty’s remarks HERE.

Bill Hagerty formerly served as the 30th United States ambassador to Japan under President Donald Trump. He now is the senator-elect from Tennessee.