Nashville, TN – Bill Hagerty, United States Senator from Tennessee, released the following statement today, opposing the formation of the judicial commission to study reform under the Biden Administration:

“On the campaign trail, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris dodged questions that would reveal their intentions to pack the court, but now the truth is clear,” said Senator Bill Hagerty. “Make no mistake, this commission is simply another attempt by the Democrats to rewrite the rules — this time to expand the Supreme Court to a size sufficient to wash out the conservative justices appointed under President Trump. As Tennessee’s Senator, I vehemently oppose this effort to turn the Supreme Court and the federal courts into a rubber stamp for the Democrats’ activist agenda by overwhelming the bench with justices that will disregard the U.S. Constitution. Americans deserve constitutionalist judges and justices who will uphold the rule of law. This commission is the next step toward annihilation of this sacred premise.”

Bill Hagerty is the United States Senator-elect from Tennessee. He formerly served as the 30th United States ambassador to Japan under President Donald Trump. Read more about him at