Nashville, TN — Tonight, following President Trump’s significant victory over Joe Biden at the final presidential debate in Tennessee, Bill Hagerty, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, released the following statement:

“With just 12 days until the election, the contrast could not be more apparent,” said Bill Hagerty. “We have a choice between our American way of life or socialism. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made their agenda clear: they will pack the court, appoint activist judges, raise taxes and implement economically destructive and expensive policies like the Green New Deal and government-run health care. Tennessee overwhelmingly supported President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in 2016, and we will do so again this year – because they continue to deliver for us.”

Bill Hagerty is the Republican nominee for Senate in Tennessee. Hagerty earned President Trump’s “complete and total” endorsement on multiple occasions to be Tennessee’s next United States Senator after serving as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan. To learn more about Bill Hagerty, visit