Massachusetts Manny Is Too Liberal For Tennessee, Promoted And Defended Obamacare

Nashville, TN — Team Hagerty today released a new statewide television ad exposing the real Massachusetts Manny Sethi, who says one thing and does another depending on where he lives and what is politically expedient at the time.

  • While a resident of Massachusetts, Manny Sethi showed his true coastal elite values, serving on the board of the Massachusetts Medical Society which strongly supports socialized medicine.
  • He applied to join the Obama-Biden Administration, even becoming a regional finalist – from Brookline, Massachusetts – to join their liberal Administration.
  • Massachusetts Manny refused to donate a single dollar to President Donald Trump’s campaign against Hillary Clinton, but helped bankroll mob-rule radical Democrats and make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House.
  • He even brought his liberal coastal values to Tennessee, defending and promoting Obamacare. See Massachusetts Manny in uncovered footage, in his own words.

He is a coastal elite fraud, and Tennesseans deserve to know the truth.

Speaking about the ad Abigail Sigler, campaign spokesman, said, “Tennesseans cannot trust Massachusetts Manny Sethi, who has been out on the campaign trail masquerading as a conservative who supports President Trump when in reality he is the most liberal candidate in the race. Facts are facts. He didn’t donate a single dollar to Donald Trump’s campaign against Hillary Clinton and instead bankrolled Nancy Pelosi to help elect mob-rule radical Democrats to Congress. Even worse, he promoted and defended Obamacare here in Tennessee. You can see for yourself in the uncovered footage. Tennesseans want their Senator to stand with President Trump and fight back against Nancy Pelosi and the bad policies implemented during the Obama-Biden Administration that Massachusetts Manny desperately wanted to be a part of. President Trump knows he can count on Bill Hagerty because they’ve worked together for years and Bill has proven to be a trusted ally since day one; it’s why the President endorsed Bill for Senate.”

You can learn more about Manny Sethi’s radical liberal record at

Watch “Can’t Trust” HERE.