Nashville, TN —Bill Hagerty, candidate for U.S. Senate, released the following statement in the wake of Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood burning the American flag:

“Nothing is more disrespectful to me than burning the American flag. Too many men and women have given their lives defending our flag and our freedoms,” said Bill Hagerty. “The liberal mob has come to Tennessee. This behavior disrespects America and those who have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our precious freedom. What we need now, more than ever, is law and order. We should defund Planned Parenthood, not the police. President Trump won’t stand for this, and neither will I. That’s one of the key reasons he’s endorsed me. As your Senator, I will stand up for America, and against the angry mob. I’ll support our law enforcement officers 120 percent and defund abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood once and for all.”

Hagerty earned President Trump’s “complete and total” endorsement to be Tennessee’s next United States Senator while serving as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan. To learn more about Bill Hagerty, visit