Blackburn: “I’m Asking You To Vote For Bill Hagerty For U.S. Senate”

Nashville, TN — Today, Team Hagerty released a new digital ad featuring Senator Marsha Blackburn. The ad highlights why Senator Blackburn needs Bill in the United States Senate to stand with her and continue supporting President Donald Trump’s America First agenda.

“I am honored to have Senator Marsha Blackburn on Team Hagerty,” said Bill Hagerty. “She is the leading conservative in the U.S. Senate, and she continues to make Tennesseans proud. Marsha and I worked together in 2016 to ensure Donald Trump was elected President, and I look forward to continuing to stand with both her and President Trump to hold China accountable, confirm constitutionalist judges, protect the right to life and fight for our Tennessee conservative values.”

Watch “Senator Blackburn Endorses Hagerty” HERE.


Senator Blackburn: We need a conservative in the U.S. Senate. 

That is why both President Trump and I have endorsed Bill Hagerty. 

Bill is pro-life. 

He is pro-business. 

Did a great job for our state as Economic Commissioner. 

Represented our nation well as U.S. Ambassador. 

He is strong on the Second Amendment, and he is going to be there to take Tennessee values to Washington, D.C, to work with me, to be sure we get Obamacare off the books, to fight back against Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, The Squad, Elizabeth Warren. 

He is going to be here to be certain that we continue to put qualified judges on the federal bench. 

I’m asking you to vote for Bill Hagerty for U.S. Senate.

Hagerty earned President Trump’s “complete and total” endorsement on multiple occasions to be Tennessee’s next United States Senator while serving as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan. To learn more about Bill Hagerty, visit