Our agriculture industry is an essential part of our economy, bringing in nearly $75 billion of revenue per year. In particular, Bedford County is one of Tennessee’s top-producing agricultural counties. We need to ensure that our farmers are treated fairly – something that the previous Administrations – both Democrat and Republican – have failed to do. In President Trump, we have a leader willing to stand up for fair and reciprocal trading terms for Americans’ access to agricultural markets.

In the Senate, I will continue to work alongside President Trump to push for advantageous trade deals for our hardworking farmers. Just like I did as the United States Ambassador to Japan, where I worked with the President on a vital trade deal that was a tremendous victory for our farmers. Japan, the third-largest economy in the world, will eliminate tariffs all-together or provide the most advantageous possible terms for more than 90 percent of the agricultural products exported by United States farmers to Japan. This includes American farmers’ sales of beef, pork, poultry, cheese and others. These are the fights that we must fight – the ones that finally overcome decades of unfairness and off a level playing field for the long-term, where American farmers – the most innovative in the world – can fairly compete. I’ll also work to eliminate senseless EPA interference here at home and fight to cut unnecessary regulations that place our domestic agriculture industry at a disadvantage.

Bringing this right home to Tennessee, Shelbyville is the proud “Walking Horse Capital of the World.” Each year, residents and enthusiasts from across the country gather in Shelbyville to celebrate the walking horse industry. As many participate in the 82nd Annual Celebration this week, I remain committed to supporting and protecting our walking horse industry, particularly the hub right here in Bedford County.

The walking horse industry plays a vital role in Tennessee’s economy and agriculture. Having the center of the industry here in Shelbyville means that it provides a huge boost to our state’s economy. Beyond that, the industry contributes billions of dollars to the national economy and supports thousands of American jobs. To that end, we must continue to sustain this important industry while ensuring the right protections are in place to keep horses free from harm.

Additionally, during these exceptionally challenging times, we must continue to work together to get our economy back on track. As Tennessee’s former Economic Development chief as we exited the last recession, I understand what it takes to create jobs and grow an economy. During my tenure running the Department of Economic and Community Development, I worked closely with local officials in Shelbyville and Bedford County to help attract millions of dollars of investments and thousands of new jobs. That’s exactly what I’ll continue to do on behalf of Tennessee in the United States Senate.

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